e-Guardian, the educational management system to monitor all the activities at your institute and deliver accurate information – EVERY TIME!

With the changing scenario within and outside the school & college premises, it has become crucial to have a system that tackles various needs of the student as well as the institute.Understanding the needs of a constantly evolving academic environment, we at e-Guardian have created a unique, 100% efficient system that coordinates, tracks and reports the constant activities occurring on campus, so as to ensure that your institute functions like well-oiled machinery. We believe in providing a flexible and customized solution that will fit the specific needs of your institution.


Changing the dynamics of automation in the educational sphere!

Having studied, researched and analyzed schools and colleges across the country, we have been able to identify the core needs of educational institutes which range from managing admissions, fees, reports and attendance of students to staff & faculty information, HR and salaries. We have designed and customised e-Guardian so as to comply to the specific needs of your institute. Installing it on your campus will facilitate the performance of synchronised tasks, eliminating human errors of calculation and coordination.

Institute + Parent + Student

Supports the needs of Institute + Parent + Student

While catering to the ever-changing, growing needs of an Institute, this system provides a solution for concerned parents who seek to be well-informed. Simultaneously, it also assists students in staying abreast of all activities at school, without missing out on crucial information


Eliminates hurdles of pre-packaged software

e-Guardian is a customized automated solutions that eliminate challenges faced while using pre-packaged, generic software e-Guardian increases productivity of the entire staff & faculty by saving several hundred hours of man-power every month, thereby reducing costs incurred. .

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