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about us

E-Guardian - A complete education management system that is the answer to all your administrative needs !!!

The educational environment is in state of constant flux. It requires the most competent management skills to tackle challenges that surface at every juncture.While the teacher caters to the knowledge-needs in class, how does a student stay updated.On the other hand, how does a parent keep track of the child's progress at school and safety outside?  E-GUARDIAN's AUTOMATED SOLUTIONS ARE THE ANSWER !!

With a round-the-clock system that has been designed by our team of experts to resolve all issues that arise, right away
E-Guardian has been developed as a holistic solution for educational institutes. Since every institution has unique needs, we develop, mould and adapt our program to your specific requirements.We install original E-Guardian hardware & software on your campus. We ensure smooth functioning of the module by employing our own staff member who executes & maintains its on-site running until its successful hand-over. The institute pays only after the program goes live. You can choose and pay for only those modules that are in actual use .

5 year contract

The institute & E-Guardian sign a 5 year contract at the end of which the hardware installed becomes property of the school / college / trust / institute,

Pay only for what you use, when installation goes LIVE:

We at E-Guardian believe in ensuring absolute customer satisfaction. We take full responsibility for our systems and will receive payment only AFTER the sytem has been installed and functions live, on-site. Our management solutions are customised to your needs and hence you only pay for the modules you actually use.

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