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Modules on offer

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User Management

Includes logins for all stake holders ie. Admin, Students, Teachers, Principals etc

Admission Management

Efficiently manage the complete student admission process using customized admission forms.

Fees Management

Complete fees management module allowing diffierent fees to different students and fully customized process.

HR/Payroll Management

Record and organize all employee details enabling quick access to employee information, and effective management of employee payroll and leave.

Library Management

Effective digitalization of Library with barcoding all books and real time reports of books issued, returned.

Core Academics

The E-Guardian module for Core Academics is an ideal student management software programme that ensures that all students are kept in the loop and made responsible for their classroom performance.

Attendance Management

e-Guardian's Attendance management module allows the institute to keep a day-to-day record of the attendance of students as well as staff, at all levels with the aid of an online interface.

Communication Management

Effective communication with the stakeholders with email and SMS.

Student Performance

e-Guardian provides each student their own, unique, password protected portal which they can access to receive information on their classroom performance and exam results. This encourages students to keep a check on their own academic graph and take the effort to improve.